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Houston Bat Trapping: How To Trap a Bat

To be clear, we never trap bats. Our Houston bat control method is one using a live exclusion. We never harm a single bat. We let them exit the house or building via one-way exclusion netting or funnels, and we seal shut all entry areas once they are out.

Many people have bats in their attics and pool houses, which cause a foul smell due to dung and some, are not comfortable with the idea of living with Texas bats. In many cases, you shall find that they invaded your privacy since you have

  • A dark and silent place, where they can call home
  • Your house has holes making it easy to enter and leave
  • You live in a place, which favors their condition for growth
  • You live near plantations, making it easy for bats to catch food
At the end of the day, you will need to find a way to use in order to get rid of the bats. It is illegal to kill bats since they are wild animal and they play a vital role in the food chain, and pollination of flowers. You need to take into account the best measures, which will eliminate the threat of bats, and this is by using traps or the exclusion method. The method you choose should not harm the bats, but will make it easy for the bats to leave your home, and will not return.

Why should you trap bats?
There are many reasons why you need to trap bats. Many people want to have peace, and quiet but they cannot do this if there are bats around. You also do not want the smell of dung in your home, due to the many bats in your attic. Some people have bats in their homes but do not know the correct way they should use in order to eliminate the bats. At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you have the best method, which is safe, and will get rid of the bats but shall not kill them. This is the reason why it is highly advisable to use the traps. Choose the best trap, which is not harmful, and will not injure these bats in any way.

Trap types
There are different kinds of traps that you can use for the Houston bats. They come based on the size, and functionality details. You can use the mesh traps, which are ideal for capturing a wide number of bats. However, you need to make sure that you release the bats once they are trapped to prevent them from injury. There are dangerous traps, which will injure the limbs, making it hard for bats to fly. When choosing the trap, you need to keep in mind safety details and effectiveness.

Homemade traps
You do not need to worry since you have the chance of making your own traps. Once you know the entry points of the bats, you need to seal it with a mesh or any other strong material, which will prevent bats from entering. You should wait for bats to leave the nest at night and seal the holes with the mesh. Once they return from hunting, they will not have the chance of getting inside the attic, meaning they need to go and look for another place.

Process of catching bats using traps
The process of catching bats using traps is easy, safe, and does not need loads of materials or investment. This is an easy process when you rely on the best traps, which are safe, and shall prevent bats from returning into your home. You will place the traps, and wait for the bats to return, making it impossible for them to enter into the attic, or pool house. You should place the trap when they are not around.

Using a professional provider
You will find it is much easier when you use a professional provider for the process. This means that you shall not harm the bats and you do not need to go through the tedious process of eliminating the bats from your attic. You shall inform the provider, and they shall access the situation and invest in the right elimination method. In many cases, professional use traps, which are harmless, but will get rid of bats and they shall not enter your attic again.

Live exclusion
The method of live exclusion involves filling in all the places, which have holes. If your attic, or chimney has the entry points of bats, you need to fit in with strong materials, which will limit bats from passing. Once they go out at night, you should fit the holes, and eliminate them from your compound. So far, this is the safe, and most effective method to use, and shall yield positive results.

Setting bat traps is very effective since you have the chance of eliminating these bats from your house. You do not need to worry that the Houston bats will be harmed when you use the safe traps. At the end of the day, these traps, and exclusions shall prevent bats from entering your house. Choose this method and you will no longer have to worry about Texas bats entering your nest.

To learn more about our Houston bat removal services, visit the Houston animal control home page.

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